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Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy presents Cacao Ceremony 2019

Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy presents… A traditional meditative Cacao Ceremony with @Gabi Moriarty!☕️

So, What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao ceremony is a healing ritual that facilitates interpersonal communication and connectedness. Cacao is often used for a change of perspective, enabling you to recognise and release patterns or habits that no longer serve, while calling in what does. Cacao also gives you a burst of energy that helps you focus and improve your memory, and is said to enhance creativity and facilitate inner meditation and connection.

Cacao ceremonies these days vary depending on who, what, where, and why someone is hosting it. Some facilitators approach the medicine with sharing and talk therapy, some set intentions and take turns to express what is going on in their lives, some shamans do group praying or chanting.


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About Gabriela:
Gabriela Moriarty, who will be leading this cacao ceremony learned the 5 Element Dance from her mentor Daisy Kaye, whose whispers still encourage her to share and spread this meditation in the community here in Bangkok. So come join us to get elevated on chocolate, get connected to the five elements while moving in the direction of embodiment- yes we will set intentions, but We won’t spiritualise things too much. Come join, meet new people, move around to good music, a bit of eye-to-eye, and self-expression.

Gabriela Moriarty is a long-time Lyrical Lunatic, she was one of the founding poets who helped to plant the Spoken Word Poetry seed in Bangkok since we first began organising 6 years ago. She is currently studying Art Therapy and feels compelled to share her practice of dancing in a meditative, connected way while cacao is flowing through the body opening up the heart.

Why should you join in, and what to expect?
* A heart opening and connection
* Movement meditation
* Silences and sounds the body freely and naturally wants to make
* Freedom to be seen and heard in your expression
* Balance and Embodiment
* Creativity
* Openness and Vulnerability

This event is open to everyone but with limited space. We will need to know how much cacao to prepare, so please sign up and pay well in advance. Usually, we make extra but there may not be enough cacao so please please please sign up well beforehand.

The Hive Thonglor

📆 When
11th of July, 2019
Please come 20 mins early so we can all start on time. Wait downstairs on the 2nd floor for the announcement to be invited up to enter into the space one at a time.

Non-Members: 600THB when you sign up and pay online
750THB at the door

Things to bring:
* Water bottle (preferably refillable and not plastic)
* Comfortable clothes that you can move around freely in
* A change of clothes to change into after working up a sweat

*****Come hydrated. Don’t eat anything for two hours before you arrive. And bring with you an open heart and an open mind. *****

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