24/04/2019 06:30pm the Hive Thonglor

Midweek Meditation

We live fast-paced lives. Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, and chat apps, we are always on call for our various responsibilities. These vary from person to person but we are always finding things getting to us faster than before; something at work, something personal, a friend or family who needs you. Everyone and everything requires our time, is our time even our time?

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Inside this busy-ness, we lose touch with the person we require the most out of, our self.

In the basics of meditation, you will experience and learn 3 actionable meditative practices that you can apply wherever you are:
1. Control of the Breath.
2. Feeling and connecting to the beat of your heart.
3. How to bring your thoughts in focus.

Feeling and connecting to the beat of the heart sounds cheesy, and flakey. Yet in this world we live, how much time do you actually spend connecting with the organ vital to your life? Isn’t it weird that the organ whose beat hits weirdly when we feel anxious or strongly when we feel loved, we never once think of connecting with? This session will leave you with the tools required to practice Meditation for a Calm Heart.

Regular meditation practitioners will get a refresher on the basics of meditating and be able to get back into that meditative state whenever required. Meditation is a constant practice, it is the mind’s gym that trains the mind to be more focused and sharper, resulting in focus and being result-oriented.

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