11/09/2019 07:00pm the Hive Thonglor

Next Level with Nikon

What if…

What if you were A LOT closer to realizing your biggest dreams and goals than you thought?

What if all that was required to step into your next level was a new way of being in the world?

And what if creating a whole new way of being in the world was simply a matter of creating a deeper understanding of where inspiration comes from?

🎟 RSVP: https://bit.ly/2MCimI8
Fee: 500THB / 200 THB for Hive members
– Payment will go to a charity

Join us at this 2-hour workshop, where Nikon will guide you to discover your potential, ideas, natural creativity, and inspiration!🤩

*Limited Spaces Available*


Here’s what I learned so far in my own transformative journey in life, business, and high performance…

Most people believe…

– To grow and expand they need to collect more tools, techniques and mindsets; tools for emotional intelligence, manipulating your subconscious, positive thinking, controlling your thoughts, visualizing for success.

– To get to their next level they need to copy other people’s strategies (people who they think are at the next level).

– Working harder and pushing harder is a given if you want to succeed; don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. They have to leave their comfort zone to grow.

The Truth is…

– Where you come from within yourself is far more important than what you do on the outside.

– We do MUCH better when we are following our inspiration compared to following other people’s fixed formula for success, especially in business and growth.

– When you know the rules of the game, it’s easier to play the game. In this case, when you have a deeper understanding of how the mind works – it’s easier to naturally connect to your inspiration.

You’ll leave this workshop knowing;

– A deeper understanding of how the mind works and recognition of your well of inspiration (the source of fresh perspective, fresh insights, and new potential)

– Where you are and how you are currently showing up in your business.

– Powerful distinctions that will invite you to play from a more powerful and connected space within you.

This, in turn, will allow you to;

– To create FROM your well of inspiration (the source of fresh perspective, fresh insights, and new potential).

– Experience a new way of showing up in your business that will help you experience results and growth with a greater sense of ease and grace.

– Re imagine your success and elevate your game to a whole new world of possibilities.


About Nikon Gormley:
Nikon is a Professional Coach, Facilitator and Trainer; Nikon specializes in Executive Leadership and High-Performance Coaching.

Nikon helps successful leaders connect to their inner-genius to create an exponential impact on their lives, relationships and businesses. Nikon’s mission is to wake people up to their innate brilliance, wisdom, creativity and well-being. He believes that when people create a deeper understanding of how life works, they create a deeper connection to their power and become unleashed.

📍 Where: The Hive Thonglor Fourth Floor
📆 When: 11 September 2019, 7-9pm, doors open at 6.30

The money made at the event would be donated to Ban Nong Tham School – Lopburi Province via an organization called “ITL”. They are doing a charity drive for the school; collecting clothes or school supplies and donating it to the school. So the ticket sales will be used to buy school supplies for the school.

About ITL:

ITL; It stands for “International Truth Lovers”. They are an organization with a mission to positively impact social well-being through people, organizations, charities, non-profits, and kindness.

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