12/06/2019 07:00pm the Hive Thonglor

Social Skills: How to talk to anyone and feel confident

Learn how to build your social skills, speak to anyone, and overcome your fears so that you can create the social circle, relationships, and opportunities you want!👯

How many times have you been out and seen someone you really want to talk to…but you let that opportunity pass you by because of fear?😰

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🗯️David Bailey: I know I have, about a million times. Up until my mid-twenties, I was extremely shy and introverted. I’d NEVER be the one to initiate a conversation; I was awkward and anxious if people spoke to me, which led to a very limiting lonely life. Until I decided enough was enough and was willing to go out and do what it took to develop my own social skills, charisma and emotional intelligence. I will be sharing my experiences with you and practical exercise to develop your social skills.

It’s funny at school we learn maths, science and English. But the most fundamental skill of all, how to speak with other people is never taught. And yet we all know how important it is in love, life, and business!

The advent of social media means that it is easier than ever to hide behind a screen with the illusion of “connection” but no real social life. Conversational skills and social intelligence is a dying art. But it is essential to your success in work, family and love life. When you are able to walk into a room and talk to anyone your opportunities skyrocket! You’ll meet more interesting people, improve your business network and have a better chance of creating romantic relationships, quicker and more effectively than Tinder!

❗This workshop is for you if:

· You want to meet more people but don’t know how
· You want to develop charisma and charm
· You get anxious at social events and regret not having spoken to people after the opportunity has passed
· You find yourself stuck in boring conversations that are going nowhere
· You dread networking but think you should do it
· You want to be more influential and persuasive

❗During this workshop you’ll learn:

· How to start a conversation
· How to be more interesting
· How to create positive emotions in people so they want to be around you
· The common mistakes people make that kill the vibe and bore people to death
· How to recover from a social faux par gracefully
· How to use active listening to create rapport and influence

When: Wednesday 12th June, 7-9.30pm
Where: The Hive Thonglor Meeting Room 3, 4th floor

Tickets: Hive Members 100THB
Non-Members 250THB

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