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Superfail 8.0

Get ready, because Superfail is back and better than ever! We’re bringing together a group of successful entrepreneurs to get real about all the times things went wrong for them – before they went right.

Superfail is an event where entrepreneurs and thought leaders at the top of their fields share stories about experiencing failure on their paths to success. What was the project? What went wrong? What did they learn? Would they do it again?

Meet this year’s speakers:

Adi Nevo

Certified Life Coach and Former Executive Director at Taboola

As a seasoned professional in the tech, digital, and media industries, Adi is no stranger to the world of business. In her role as Executive Director at Taboola, she managed teams and clients in 9 different markets across the world, seamlessly transitioning into her current career as a life coach, helping people to become their best selves both personally and professionally. Adi empowers women to step up and honour their potential to make a difference in all environments.

Tiwa York

Head Coach and CEO at Kaidee

Tiwa York is an active angel investor and the Founder and Head Coach of Kaidee (a.k.a CEO), Thailand’s largest consumer-to-consumer marketplace. Tiwa has worked in digital advertising with leadership roles in Admax Network and Omnicom Media Group and has long been recognized for his leadership and work in team and culture-building. At Superfail 8.0, he will divulge what he has learned from his 19 years of experience in the digital industry: the good and the bad.

Nop Pongsatorn

CEO & Co-Founder of Refinn, CFO & Co-Founder of Appear A.I., and CFO of Okontek.

In 2016, Nop co-founded Refinn, a FinTech startup with a focus on debt refinancing. As a celebrated business personality, Nop has amassed 171k subscribers and over 7 million views on his educational YouTube channel, and has been invited to speak at TEDx and has also won several notable awards, including Best Startup of the Year from the 2019 Global Startup Awards. Nop also works as a corporate trainer, providing digital transformation training for companies such as SET, SCG and Central Group. He is passionate about making a positive impact, and continually helping communities grow.

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