18/01/2020 12:00pm the Hive Thonglor

Wellness Retreat 2020

What better way to kickstart the New Year than with our Wellness Retreat filled with lots of healthy goodies and revitalising workshops? 🧘đŸģ‍♀ī¸đŸƒ

The Banana Warrior | YEST WORKS | Kombucha.SensoryLab | Hyrbs | Novessence | Balls & Juices | Genius Bar BKK | Whapow Thailand

🎟 RSVP now at https://bit.ly/2EAL4TJ

*Please make sure to register separately for the classes and workshops, additional fees apply.

Join us for a day of celebrating healthy minds and bodies at The Hive Thonglor with a marketplace, fitness & healing classes, and workshops all dedicated to wellness. 🧘

We are bringing together local influencers and experts in Bangkok who are forging the way in the health & wellness industry to help spread awareness on the importance of healthy living! đŸĨ‘

Class schedule:
5:15 PM – 6.15 PM: Grounding Sequence Yoga Class with Stephanie Marie
6:30 PM – 7.30 PM: Energy Healing with Pally and Ellyn

Workshop schedule:
3 PM – 4 PM: Sauerkraut Workshop by Healingtohappy
2.30 PM – 3 PM: DIY Purifying Spray – Ideal for Yoga mats & Inside Home! by Novessence

Discussion Panel
4 PM – 5 PM: Janjaree Chianwichai & Olga Vita

📍 Where: the Hive Thonglor
📅 When: Saturday 18th January, 1PM – 6PM

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